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Ceremonial Cacao
Tayla Dempsey

Was nice for relaxing

Euphoric Bliss 25ml
Tayla Dempsey
I love this I will definitely be ordering more


Love it

Excellent product! Great quality. I use it as a shampoo and it does a wonderful job. Needs to be left in a little longer if you've oiled your hair. Love that there is a source in Australia for this.

Looks good quality.

Not had a chance to try it yet.

Poi Bag
Sheryl Wilkins
Good quality

Brought for Son


Good quality son loves them.

Stonebreaker Powder

The product is very pure and smooth on the palate which indicates it has high therapeutic value!

Love tis incense

OODH is my go to incense when I meditate 💜 it’s beautiful aroma helps me to focus more. Love it 💜

Great service

Received my order in speedy time. Thanks The Herb Temple

Moringa and Blue Lotus Oil 60ml - Ritual Oils

Christina Bennett

Taking every day after a week I noticed the difference in my focus and attention 🙂

Not 100% Mapacho in my opinion.

Not all mapacho is created equally and this certainly is lower quality and much higher price than Peru based merchants. Tastes/smells like additional herbs have been added and that it isn’t 100% Mapacho.

Hi, KS. We're sorry to hear this, but can assure you that our Ceremonial Mapacho Loose Leaf 20g is 100% and no additional additives or herbs are used for this product. Unfortunately as Mapacho is a tobacco product heavy taxes are applied by the Australian regulatory agencies and it would be illegal to circumvent these, unlike Peruvian-based merchants.


It’s a beautiful oil


Beautiful scent. Would love to see more of this in stock. Will be back to buy more

Natural Gourd
Would you have a 12 to 14 cm height? I want to use it to make a Capoeira berimbau.

Good quality photos. Would be better in different angles.

Nice product

I enjoy taking this on a regular basis just to keep the parasites at bay - you can never have too much parasite detoxing! The flavour, while bitter, is not unpleasant. I have it with a bit of water.

Ecstacy Cannabis Free Herbal Cigarettes

California Poppy HH 40g
Christina Bennett

Best enjoyed in the dynavape improves taste and not harsh, I find it very harsh as a smoke but pleasenet to dry herb vape 🙂 find it reduces anxiety by at least %80 and non addictive. I use it when i am weening off medications to help ease anxiety.

Bon produit et bon service

L'odeur de ce parfum est incroyable. Merci pour le service!

Vibes Caps Extra Strength
Ellisa Halloran

Vibes Caps Extra Strength


Smell that brings me back to my childhood

Love it!

I feel like my energy wants it. Sometimes I spray a little on my chest and throat area when I am feeling like I need extra support.

Calea Dream Herb 15g
Kiley Bickerton
Works ok

It is ok to smoke for a non smoker it doesn’t taste too bad to drink as a tea. I just felt it needed something else with it to achieve the state of mind I am seeking. It was relaxing feeling though

Wildfire Pleasure Oil

working very well