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Best on the market

Does exactly what is says.
No nasty after feeling or smell on the skin and hydrates at the same time.
No greasy after effects so no need to wash off before bed..

Love love love

Thank you so much for supplying this as I looked everywhere. Very happy customer

Great Product, Hate Packing Peanuts

Hi Guys,

Great product but I am disappointed by the use of packing peanuts, even if they're the "eco version"

I understand the need to protect such a fragile item but surely there's a more sustainable option.

Plus there's no way to get the product out without them going everywhere.

Not just annoying but with young kids in my house, I had to spend ages making sure I picked every last one up to avoid chocking hazards etc

The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion

Excellent little book & so easy to find things. Opened my eyes to lots of nasties that have been sneaking into my kitchen pantry. Highly recommend!
Trouble free ordering & prompt delivery.

Awesome oil

Just absolutely luv rose myrtle smells devine ⚘🦋

Agua De Kananga

Love this product. Smells great 🙂

Lumi LED / Glow Staff 2.0
Claire Abakumenko
Great gift for kids!

My 7 year old loves his Lumi LED / Glow Staff 2.0. Quick delivery and a great present idea. It travels well because it pulls apart and fits into a clothes bag or suitcase. Already had hours of fun. Now all the cousins want one too.

Absolutely love the scent! Unlike other facial oils, this one did not clog my pores which I appreciate. Does not feel heavy at all and sits well under my foundation. This product alone has replaced all my skincare products! I apply this day and night and works great.

Loads of fun

Brought for my teenage son and he hasnt stopped twirling and making tik toks since he got it

Good Product

I bought this for third trimester heartburn. I found it didn't work super well at first, but that was because I think I was mixing it in too much water. After being actually sick, I mixed it into a thicker jelly like paste, and ate it, which gave a really good coating on my oesophagus and was left with no more burning. So I'll say it's good for heartburn after some experimenting with consistency.

Saw Palmetto HH
Declan McDonald
Saw Palmetto

Too early to offer comment on benefits. However, it is a very expensive herb which does not encourage continued use.

No Nic
Paul Johnston

Love the smell and taste.Worth every cent.

Great for withdrawing

There were a lot of stalks but since they are already rolled it's all good. Would like to try other types but this is good basic.

Dual balm

Didn't like the smell, sorry

Palo santo sticks

They are the best. Thanks so much. Fast and efficient service

Quality Product

This is a great product that calms and relaxes straight away. Will be using it again.

Liquid Amber

Out of all the perfumes and oils liquid amber is magical
Not overpowering like some, lingers on beautiful
I will be buying it again

CB2 Hemp Oil 10ml
Jo Deguara
Great Product!

Love this oil. It has worked wonders for me in regard to back pain and also easing menopausal symptoms. Your service and delivery was very speedy too thank you!

Sacred scent vanilla dream

My daughter loves this scent and has been using it for years. Thanks for having it in stock

Sandalwood oil

One of the worst smelling oils I ever bough. I actually threw it out, but the other 2 Amber oil and musk were devine. Just love the amber oil it's heavenly

Misleading size

Misleading size as the bottle sold is significantly smaller than the standard for a similar price.

Lumi LED / Glow Staff 2.0
Deborah Cruttenden

Still hasn’t been delivered 😕 been lost in the mail apparently.


Highly Recommend this product

Goddess scent!

A wonderfully exotic fragrance - my husband's favourite! 😉