About Us

The Herb Temple was born from the wish to make available to a broader range of customers all the goodness that the Happy Herb Shop Newtown has been delivering locally for almost 20 years.
We sincerely hope that you will enjoy having access to our products online as much as you do browsing our shop.
Too bad we can’t make you a cup of tea just now! 

We stand with people dedicated to protecting the rights of herbs and keeping alive the traditional use of them.

Blue Lily

We all depend on plants, we cannot survive without them, but from time to time, we need to be reminded of it. Our shop put us in direct contact with people seeking natural ways of healing. People crave for a connection to the plant knowledge. We want our shop to be always available for customers as a safe space to share thoughts and experiences. We learn from each other and we are simply present for anyone who needs to find kindness and a sense of belonging in their life. 

We are contemporary herb warriors and we invite everyone to open their heart and protect the herbs and our inalienable right to use them. The best gift that our shop has offered us is a community of like-minded herb lovers dedicated to defending the temple that is the natural world. The Happy Herb Shop Newtown and now its online presence The Herb Temple will always strive to provide the most honest, truthful and highest level of connection with our customers.