Elemental Magick: Earth, Water, Air, Fire

Bringing together the Elements to create change is a tradition practiced in cultures all over the world. The traditional Elemental Magick Elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water are used in ceremony and ritual to manifest our desires – whether they be material, emotional, spiritual or interpersonal.

Taking time away from our day-to-day routine and focusing on our intentions can help to open the way to the change that we all need in our lives.

Bringing together a balance of elemental symbols and allies can help to add potency and strength to our ceremonies. Focusing on one element in particular can help us manifest certain energies and outcomes and bring us to our goals faster and via a more direct path. 

Elemental Magick: Earth

Earth is the Element of physicality and manifestation. We can gather together and work with symbols of the Earth Element when we wish to focus on manifesting money, physical health, strength, and a deeper connection to the Earth and its Spirits. The Earth element can also be worked with to develop a stronger connection to the Spirits of the Land on which we live and the environment which we live in. 

Elemental Magick: Water

Water is the Element of emotion and movement. Working with symbols of this Element can help us to connect in a deeper and more genuine way to our own emotional flow, and look into our own depths to find true wisdom. In ritual, the Water Element can be used for cleansing, diving deep into our own subconscious, and developing a stronger connection to our own flows and rhythms. The tools of the Water Element are also useful when working with our Blood Ancestors. 

Elemental Magick: Air

The Air Element is the owner of our intellect and thought. This Element can be worked with directly when we are looking to develop our intellectual understanding of life, our clarity, and work with memory and dreams. In a ceremony, the air element can be worked with to cleanse, move past blocks in our psyche, and develop a sense of clarity and life purpose. The tools of Air are perfect for sending prayers and wishes to the higher realms through sweet scented smoke. 

Elemental Magick Air
Air: moon incense censer, tibetan cymbals, smudge wand, incense, curipe, blue kyanite

Elemental Magick: Fire

The Fire Element is often considered the most magical Element, and the Element tied most closely to humans. It is the only Element that we can create, and our evolution is tied to fire as it warms us, cooks our food, provides us safety and comfort. The Fire Element represents our passion and our Will. Our deepest desires are manifest through this Element (the reason we make a wish when we blow out candles on a birthday cake), and we are able to delve deep into our Heart and Spirit when working closely with the powers of Fire. Candles can be used in any ceremony to bring a focus to our Will and intention. 

Elemental Magick Fire
Fire: candle, ayahuasca incense, back flow incense burner, smoking crystal pipe, fire agate

Elemental Magick: manifest your intentions

All of these Elements together can be worked with to manifest your intentions. Taking time out of your day to find a quiet place to focus, write or speak aloud your intentions, and call on the Elements to guide and support you is a beautiful way to bring some ritual into your daily life. 

Post is written By Tom Byrom

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